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Mabulu ft. Azagaia & Seguindo Sonhos

This recording from 2008 was immediately censored in Mozambique. Both state-controlled and independent radio stations joined the broadcast ban.

The song, inspired by the classic folk song "This Land is Your Land" by Woody Guthrie, was originally recorded for the fourth album of the internationally most successful Mozambican band "Mabulu". The Mozambican authorities took drastic measures to prevent the release of this album.

It was only years later that the song appeared on the compilation album with children's and youth themes "Seguindo Sonhos Vol.1" . To promote the album, a video with the song was released on the TV programme I produced to promote children's rights and young talent, "Academia de Sonhos".

The response of the Mozambican government was not long in coming. The popular children's programme on the state TV channel TVM was immediately suspended, my mobile studio was set on fire and my work permit was revoked.

In the coming weeks there will be the full story, information about censorship in Mozambique and the famous 20% commission.


My mobile recording studio before and after

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