• Roland Hohberg

The overturn of European society

Brussels was one of the first cities I was able to visit as a free person after the end of the SED dictatorship and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

At that time I was still living in the chaotic left-wing district of Connewitz in Leipzig, where destruction and criminality was part of everyday life.

Brussels, once one of the most beautiful cities in the world, today through 40 years of Socialist rule, is been turning in to a third world dump.

Maybe Belgium will be the first to fall as the country has the highest Muslim population in Europe. It seems only a matter of time before other countries, like Germany and Sweden, follow.

Of course there are 2 types of migrants. Those that travel to a country like Belgium and want to make something of it. Then there are those that go to a foreign land and it means nothing to them and they aren't interested in improvement.

Muslim culture is all about winning control/elections via fast rising population numbers. Just take a look across the Middle East where Christianity & other religions have been persecuted or eradicated.

Most think its funny to destroy and overturn European society. If these Arabs and African immigrate to Dubai they will show more respect.

They hate white society, white society is weak and accepts this treatment.

Especially when national security interests are subordinated to the interests of the european union.

In countries like Germany, these destroyers are getting more and more political support from parties that cooperate with left-wing extremists or representatives of migration associations.

Migrants who feel committed to the order and the laws of the host country then find it difficult to distance themselves from extremists.

They can even become innocent victims of radical right-wing resistance.