• Roland Hohberg

The Thousand Colors Of Racism

9 years ago i produced in the former communist country Mozambique the animation series "Aprender Anima" (Learning Animates) without sponsors, government support or money from NGOs.

After only a few months, the responsible directors at the National Broadcasting Channel TVM1 were of the opinion that a foreigner, especially a white man, was not entitled to do so. Even if he has already lived and worked in this country since the time of the war.

It is interesting that most of the technical equipment of TVM1 was sponsored by so-called countries of the "whites", like Germany and Portugal and that, according to its own statements, UNICEF ​​finances children's programs at this station.

Now I am officially a Mozambican citizen, but still white. So what can I do to make the TV world a better place for the kids of Mozambique?

Sometimes racism is not so easy to explain.